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Mobile Timesheet is the premier time tracking solution for any size small business. This powerful app allows companies to track time by employee and by project, using a simple interface with parameters set by the company. Time is entered on a daily basis and reported weekly or bimonthly to be approved by a supervisor or manager. With a swipe of a finger, management can see how much time has been spent on a project or how much time an employee has on their timesheet. The app also features customizable reporting features, as well as custom modules, so that you can have the information you need when you need it, and information can be imported into Quickbooks for payroll and invoicing purposes.

Try the app for 30 days FREE today and see how Timesheet can improve the accuracy of timesheets, invoicing and project management!

How it Works

Start by downloading the app to your iOS or Android device. Simply search for “Technogems Timesheet”.

Once downloaded, open the app and register. Fill in your name, email and project name. The app is free to use for 30 days.

Next, choose “Corporate User Plan”. This allows you set up a company. Once set up, you will receive a company code. Provide that code to your employees, have him or her select “Basic User Plan” upon registration, and enter the code. This will allow you to see, monitor and approve their time in Timesheet.

Four icons will appear at the bottom of the screen once registered.

Home – This screen allows you to review recent activities and see the timesheets submitted by your employees. This is where you can approve or reject them as well.

Time – This screen allows you to enter your time against assigned projects. Simple touch the “+” sign at the bottom right of the screen.

Report – This screen offers three report options: Report by Date, Report by Project and Report by Timesheet. Each report type allows you to filter fields so that you can view information by project, by dates, by employee and much more. You can view the reports on your screen or download.

Settings – This screen allows you to refresh the app, configure administration settings, upgrade your plan and choose trial options.

Real-Time Information

Once the time has been entered, it is saved automatically. You can view change logs, see when and where the time was entered, and get instantaneous knowledge of where a project stands on time versus budget. Employees can enter time wherever they are, minimizing the guessing that goes with entering time at a later date, and providing greater project demographic accuracy.



  • Our affordable plans start at $9.99 per year for Basic users and $14.99 per year for administrators using the Corporate User Plan.

  • No. It is a cloud-based application. Hosting it on your own server is an option, however, that we would be happy to discuss with you and support.

  • Support

  • Yes! It is available 24/7/365 via email.

  • Yes. You can enter time and it will synchronize when the device re-establishes an internet connection.

  • Miscellaneous

  • Yes. If you are a supervisior, you can see the time entered by all your direct reports.

  • Yes, our time sheet application supports this option. Our check-in check out mode supports this option. It automatically calculates the number of hours worked on each project based on check-in and out time.

  • Yes, against a specific project. For clock in/clock out, or total time worked option, please see our related app Timecard.

  • As many as you’d like.

  • Yes. Go to web portal, and select the Company tab from the top navigation bar. Select Purchase/Renew Users from the left sidebar and then enter the number of users required. When finished, click on “Buy Now” and pay via credit card or PayPal.

  • Yes. Go to web portal, and select the User tab from the top navigation bar. Select “List Users”. From the list provided, select the slot to be filled and click on the “Action” button on the far right. Select Edit to enter employee details.

  • Go to web portal, and select the Company tab from the top navigation bar. Select “Company Details” from the left sidebar.

  • As the administrator on a Corporate User plan, you can add more users on the app by going to Settings, Admin Settings, List User and Add User.

  • Yes. We offer native applications for Android and iOS platforms. You can use these easy to use applications to enter time and view reports.

  • Yes. Go to web portal.

  • Yes. your employees can enter their weekly timesheet and submit for approval. You will be able to approve or reject timesheet. Once approved, the timesheet is locked and the employees will not be able to change the time.

  • You can download the Android or IOS version of the app from the app store and signup for the trial account. Once your trial period is over you can upgrade directly from the app. If you have any questions or want to find about registering users in bulk, contact us at info at technogemsinc dot com or call us at 571-482-9701

  • Privacy

  • No. Nor do we use it for any direct marketing.

  • Signup

  • To use the TimeSheet application beyond the trial period, simply contact us or drop us an email to setup a service.

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